The Iain Banks Appreciation Society has three objectives:

1.       To celebrate the life and writing of Mr. Iain Banks, Scottish author, who died on 9th June 2013.

2.       To promote the literary landscape of Scotland; communicating engaging visual images.

3.       To recognise and celebrate the contribution that malt whisky has made to Scottish literature, stimulating new creative writing.


In pursuit of these objectives, members of the Iain Banks Appreciation Society will gather at Castle Dounie, near Crinan, Argyll, on one fine June evening each year.  Our next meeting will be on Saturday 16th June 2018.


The following articles provide an overview of what the Society is about; and the inspiration which motivates us is articulated under the ‘mandate’ tab of this site. 

The Scotsman 16th August 2017

Scotchwhisky.com 26th July 2017

The Times (Scotland) 17th August 2017

The Guardian 4th September 2017